79 - 81 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Delicious restaurant in Mui Ne


King of sandwich

This is your primary place to get simple western comfort food, such as sandwiches, salads, English breakfast, and omelets. . Many of these dishes can be ordered for take-away and enjoyed on the beach, hotel room or during your travel.

Mexican Food

Le Jefa brings a bit of Mexico to Vietnam by offering authentically seasonings in the fresh stewed carnitas (pork), quesadillas, enchiladas and a wide variety of tacos. With each bite, the richness of these seasonings bring the fiesta of Mexican culture.  

La Pause ( French cuisine )

French cuisine has gone through many ups and downs in history to achieve its current reputation. Through our food, people can understand more about this country of love. The French take their meals very seriously, so does La Pause. Here you will experience the slow cooking process that brings out the harmony in each sauce.

Grandma's Kitchen ( vietnamese )

While in a host country, we always want to eat authentic food, where else would you expect to find the best local food, Grandma’s Kitchen. Generations of recipes passed down, made using local ingredients and made for local people. With in one bite, you can experience the passion Grandma has for feeding her family. These dishes will make you feel like family. 

Simples Corner Pizza ( pizza & pasta)

Simples Pizza is a mirror into Italy’s culinary philosophy. Use simple and fresh ingredients. Just as in Italy, our dough made daily and cooked in a stone pizza oven. This combination of ingredients and cooking method, provides you elegant flavors in each bite.

Soul Energy( vegetarian/ vegan)

With all the fresh fruits and vegetables in Vietnam, there is no better place to enjoy vegetarian/vegan dishes than at Soul Energy. Here we focus on the flavors presented by each vegetable, fruit, herb and spice. Our chef hand selects these items daily to make sure the highest level of quality is available for each dish. Chef then using these within an artistic process to provide a well-balanced and flavorful dish.  

Thai Food Near Me( thai )

Not salt, the salty taste in Thai cuisine usually belongs to soy sauce or fish sauce. Soy sauce brings a light earthy smell, combining perfectly with vegetables or meat and fish. Fish sauce brings umami sweetness to complete the flavor of the dish.

Little Panda (Chinese)

Chinese cuisine is like a colorful picture from flavors to decorations. Each dish is a harmonious combination of fresh ingredients and healthy herbs. 

Ice Cream / Bakery. Coffee

Cake is one of the dishes that is loved by many people and is considered quite familiar to many people. Every time we enjoy a cake, even though the flavor of each type of cake is different, we feel very comfortable, probably because of the sweetness it brings.

Bar (Cocktail) La Jefa

A gorgeous silver tequila that has a nice clarity, a clean taste of agave, and all that minerality that I love so much. In short, it is a savory tequila. Enter bitter aperitifs – the tequila in this martini is the prism, and pulls apart all those gorgeous aromatics found in a well-made bitters product.