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King of Sandwich Food Court Mui Ne Restaurant, Attractive destination when traveling to Mui Ne

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For travel enthusiasts, Mui Ne is an attractive place not to be missed. In particular, it is impossible to ignore King of Sandwich Food court Mui Ne, which is a harmonious combination of modern design, Vietnamese and world traditions. With its striking design and open façade facing the street, King of Sandwich Food court Mui Ne creates a sophisticated breakthrough when combining Vietnamese food and diverse cuisine of the world.

In the subconscious of many people, the image of Vietnamese food is always associated with the rustic and bold rural space, but coming to King of Sandwich Food court Mui Ne, you will be surprised by the harmonious, sophisticated and unique design between rustic countryside and modern architecture. The most impressive feature is the harmonious combination of Vietnamese and world cuisine flavors. Moreover, the meticulous care of the waitresses and the aprons with Vietnamese motifs of the chef have contributed to perfecting the unique style for King of Sandwich Food court Mui Ne restaurant.

Here King of Sandwich Food court Mui Ne will introduce you to the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine as well as the taste of world cuisine to you, including 9 kitchens as follows:

1. King of sandwiches

A dish that usually consists of sliced vegetables, cheeses or meats placed on top of or between slices of bread or generally any dish in which bread serves to contain or wrap another food

It is a popular lunch food, taken to work, school, or a picnic to make a pre-packaged lunch item. The cake prepared can be whole wheat bread or covered with a layer of spices, such as mayonnaise or mustard sauce to enhance the flavor and texture of the cake. In addition to being prepared at home, sandwiches are also widely sold in many different retail stores and can be served hot or cold. There are both savory filling-style sandwiches, such as deli sandwiches, and sweet-filled sandwiches, such as peanut butter bread - fruit jam.


2. Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients and flavors, touching the sophistication in the art of marinating, creating a flexible dance of colors and flavors. Poblano peppers are an indispensable spice in Mexican dishes from traditional tacos to Micheladas and Sueros cocktails that provide a very pungent taste. The spicy taste gradually dissolves on the tip of the tongue, rushes to the nose, spreads warmth in the oral cavity and leaves a cool aftertaste in the throat, which is the Mexican spicy taste.

The hot "spicy" substance is hidden in every person of this country in a seductive way. Mexicans are very warm and enthusiastic. A stranger can also become as close as a brother in the family just through lively dances. In harmony with the rhythmic melody of the indigenous people, I thought for a moment when I had "infected" the "spicy" quality of Mexicans.

3. La Pause ( French cuisine)

French cuisine has gone through a lot of ups and downs in history to achieve the fame it is now. Through these dishes, one can understand more about the culture of this country of love.

The French take their meals very seriously. Therefore, they are quite fastidious in eating. The dishes are prepared and decorated very ornate and sophisticated.

The taste of the French is very bold. The sauce is what they take the longest to prepare. In a dish there must be harmony of color and taste. People here love to incorporate herbs and fruits into their dishes.

The class of French cuisine also lies in the way wine is drunk. People do not drink indiscriminately, but each dish will only be served with a separate type of wine. This increases taste stimulation, while also helping with good digestion.

The French dining table presents a very luxurious style. They pay attention to every detail from food plates to wine glasses and even knives and forks. The layout of the table is very delicate and harmonious.

4. Grandma's Kitchen

Vietnamese cuisine is the name of the method of food processing, the principle of mixing spices and the eating habits in general of all Vietnamese people in Vietnam. Although there are more or less differences between regions and ethnic groups, Vietnamese cuisine still implies the most general meaning to refer to all popular dishes in the Vietnamese community.

Food culture is a natural culture formed in life. For many peoples and nations, cuisine is not only a material culture but also a spiritual culture. Through cuisine, people can understand the culture that expresses human dignity, the cultural level of the nation with the morals, rules and customs in the way of eating...

And whenever it comes to the beautiful country of Vietnam, food is always an interesting topic. Vietnamese cuisine is not only dishes and recipes, but this is a natural culture formed in life. They are known for their characteristics such as: sociability, diversity, low fat; Bold flavor with a smooth combination of many different ingredients and spices to help increase the taste and attractiveness in each dish.

5. Simples Corner Pizza (pizza & pasta)

Pizza originated in Italy, is a type of fast food that has been famous all over the world. Pizza has penetrated Vietnam for a long time, and is gradually asserting its position in the hearts of diners, especially young people.

Although there are many variations, no matter where you are, what region or country, pizza consists of the basic ingredients: the base is made from flour, ketchup, cheese, dipping sauce. That is also the difference and characteristic of pizza.

Another interesting point of pizza is cheese – the decisive factor to make a delicious, aromatic and attractive pizza. In the world there are countless varieties of cheese. Each type has a different taste, ingredients, and characteristics. And the one that best matches pizza is Mozzarella, which is made with buffalo milk. Most regions use this type of cheese. However, due to the increasing speed of commercialization, the quality of Mozzarella cheese also has many different levels of quality. That is also one of the reasons why the price and quality of pizza companies are different. And it is also this division, partly meeting the diverse needs of diners.

6. Soul Energy (vegetarian/vegan)

Cooking vegetarian food is an artistic process. In which there is a combination and interweaving between culinary arts and plastic arts to bring eye-catching and attractive dishes. Vegetarian food is not only frugal, delicious, cheap, healthy but also has a beautiful appearance, delicately presented.

To make a vegetarian dish, it takes twice as long as cooking a savory dish. The chef spends more elaboration, meticulousness and thoughtfulness to have the perfect vegetarian dish, filled with vibrant colors but without the smell of fish and meat. For example, the chicken dish is from lemongrass root stuffed with young jars, rolled with fragrant deep-fried dough, or silk rolls with cooked bananas, peeled, pounded with spices, finished hearing powder mixed with diced squash, wrapped banana leaves steamed ... All dishes are transformed from legumes, vegetables, tubers but create different flavors without being boring, this is the ingenuity of the person who makes vegetarian dishes, knows how to combine foods and harmoniously season spices.

Vegetarianism today has become a beautiful cultural feature in the food culture of Vietnamese people. Vegetarian meals have appeared more and more in Vietnamese family meals. Coming to vegetarian meals is now not only about enjoying special dishes, frugal dishes but also about experiencing, listening to stories about Buddha, about human cause and effect. Stay away from toxic foods, meat and fish that are not guaranteed for the health of yourself and your loved ones. Vegetarianism to protect the environment, protect creatures that are gradually disappearing because of humans... Those are things that perhaps no other food culture can do other than vegetarian cuisine

7. Thai Food Near Me

The dishes are a harmonious blend of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. In every dish there are always at least two flavors that blend if not all of the above. In it, a flavor will prevail, called "main taste".

The sour taste in many Thai dishes is mainly from lemon and lemongrass. Added to this is the sweet and sour aroma from lemon leaves. With a sharper sour taste, a lot of dishes use tamarind.

Not salt, the salty taste in Thai cuisine usually belongs to soy sauce or fish sauce. Soy sauce gives a faint earthy smell, perfectly combined with vegetables or fish meat. Fish sauce brings umami sweetness to complete the flavor of the dish.

Not only desserts are sweet, the sweetness of many Thai dishes is largely from palm sugar, oily sugar, brown sugar and black soy sauce.

Spicy flavors from chili, galangal, ginger and pepper, often found in soups, curries as well as stir-fried meat or seafood dishes.

The bitterness of some dishes may be due to spice leaves or bitter melon.

Some other dishes also have a creamy flavor, usually from coconut milk.

8. Little Panda ( Egg)

Chinese cuisine is like a colorful picture from taste to decoration. Each dish is a harmonious combination of fresh ingredients and healthy herbs.

Chinese cuisine is very famous in the world and makes an impact on countries in Asia. The dishes here have a strong flavor from garlic and onions that are very characteristic. Most are processed in the form of frying, grilling and steaming. Therefore, the color of the dish is very attractive and eye-catching.

Ingredients for cooking are very diverse. In particular, pork is the most popular, In addition, seafood, poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, ... is also very focused. If China doesn't have the raw materials it needs, it's willing to import and breed. In addition, some very popular nutritious foods include bamboo shoots, lotus roots, shark fins, magnolia petals, ...

Spices are highly valued in the culinary arts. Unlike Vietnam, which often uses fish sauce, the Chinese use soy sauce more. There are three types of soy sauce: abstract head, yin vessel and cigar ship. Soy sauce is a traditional spice made from black soybeans, cinnamon flower wine, onion powder, naked dermis, ... Soy sauce can be used to marinate for color and flavor or as a dipping sauce for dishes.

9. Ice Cream/Bakery. Coffee

Pastries are one of those dishes that are very loved by many people and are considered quite familiar to many people. Every time we enjoy a cake, even if the taste of each cake is different, we feel very comfortable, possibly due to the sweetness it brings.

Eating cakes can be seen as a hobby, we do not eat cakes to fill our stomachs but we simply enjoy cakes because we love sweetness and comfort.

A pastry is a type of cake that originally came from the West, the most commonly used bakery ingredients include flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, a liquid, and yeast substances, such as baking soda or baking powder. Common additional ingredients and flavorings include dry goods, candy, or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa, and extracts such as vanilla, with many substituting for the main ingredients.

The cake can also be filled with fruit preservatives, nuts or dessert sauces (such as pastry ice cream), ice with buttercream or other creams, and decorated with marzipan, piped borders or candied fruit, ...

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